Family Name Files – M to O

Campbell Country Historical Society maintains files of any research done on family names. The linked pages contain lists of the names only — there is no information available online. If the name you are interested in isn’t listed, please call to check with the society since files and information are being added all the time.

Some name files have a single item while others have a large amount of information. Please call the society to find out what information is contained in the name file you are researching. Pertinent information can be copied and mailed for a fee.

The phone number is (423) 566-3581.

Madden Mahon Main Malicote
Mannon Maples Marcum Mariner
Marion Marlow Mars Marsee
Marsh Martin Mason Massie
Massingale Mattie Mauney Maupin
Maxwell Mays McCarty McCauley
McClain McCloud McCreary McCullah
McCulley McDaniel McDonald McDowell
McFarland McGhee McGill McGraw
McKamey McKinney McLean McLemore
McMahan McNeeley/McNeely Meador Meadows
Medley Medlock Meredith Merritt
Metzler Michaels Miller Mills
Minks Minton Mitchell Moad
Moffette Monday Mondoni Moneymaker
Montgomery Mooney Morgan Morton
Moses Mozingo Mullins Murphy
Murrah Murray Muse Musgrove


Nance Nash Neill Nelson
Nester Nevils Newman Nolan
Norman Norris Norton


O’Brien O’Hara Oaks Orick
Osborn Overton Owens Owsley