Family Name Files – J to L

Campbell Country Historical Society maintains files of any research done on family names. The linked pages contain lists of the names only — there is no information available online. If the name you are interested in isn’t listed, please call to check with the society since files and information are being added all the time.

Some name files have a single item while others have a large amount of information. Please call the society to find out what information is contained in the name file you are researching. Pertinent information can be copied and mailed for a fee.

The phone number is (423) 566-3581.


Jackson James Jameson Janowski
Jarman Jarnagin Jeffers Jeffries
Jenkins Johnson Jones Jordan
Justice Justist


Kanthak Keathly Keck Keener
Keith Kelly Kemp Kennedy
Kesterson Kidd Kidwell Kilborne
Kimberlin Kincaid King Kinsey
Kishpaugh Kitts Kivett Klingenstein
Knott Koger Kon Kozar


LaFollette LaForce Lamb Lambdin
Landrum Lane Large Larson
LaRue Law Lawson Lay
Leach Leaman Ledford Ledgerwood
Lee Leinart Lemar Lester
Lewallen Lewis Lincoln Lindamood
Lindbergh Lindsay Lingar Litteral
Little Lively Lobertin Lones
Longmire Louden/Loudin Loupe Lovelace
Lovely Lovett/Lovitt Low/Lowe Lowerie
Loy Lumpkins Lundy Lusby
Luster Lutteral Lynch Lyons