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SectionColor CodeTitleNumber
Bibles in Glass CaseWhiteBible of Mrs. R.J. Clark - Engraved on front; International Series - Teachers - Self Pronouncing Edition. International Press, Size: 8 1/2” x 5 1/2” x1 3/4” Philadelphia, PA. Black Leather, no dates, very bad condition. Articles inside: Newspaper clipping of Leopold and Loeb going to prison ca. 1925, Newspaper clipping of Poem “When Father Rode With God”, Newspaper clipping of “The Dying Californian”, Newspaper clipping of “When The Circuit Rider Came”. no number
Bibles in Glass CaseWhiteBible of Geneva L. Keith - engraved on front Inside cover: “From DAD Feb 18, 1931. King James Version Size 8 1/2” x 5 1/2” x 1 3/4” International Bible Press, Philadelphia, PA. Black leather, no other dates, contains a few hand written bible verses on cover and scrap number
Bibles in Glass CaseWhiteHoly Bible - Scholars Edition - engraved on front. Inside: Family records of Omer A. Keith & Nona Clark Keith. International Version, John C. Winston Co., Philadelphia, PA. Black hardcover, no dates of publishing, good condition Size 6 1/2” x 4” x 1 3/4”.no number
Bibles in Glass CaseWhiteHoly Bible - Name on inside cover: S.A. (or P.) Moore July 24, 1875. This Bible was found in an old Trunk by Jean Miller. Some pages missing. Starts in “Judges”. Brown, Hardcover, no other info or dates, Size 8” x 5” x 1 1/4”. Poor condition. Articles inside: Clinton High School Report Cards of Minnie Leinart for 1913, 1914,& 1915, Small poem from newspaper about marriage w/cake, Letter to Minnie & Jo from I & N ? & picture, Eastern Star Meeting Notes, probably around number
Bibles in Glass CaseWhiteBible of William M. Leinart. Published by: American Bible Society New York 1883. Brown hardcover, poor condition, Size 9 1/4” x 6 1/4” x 2 1/4”. Inside: Family Records of William M. Leinart and wives, Sarah J. Robbins & Mary E. Johnson, Sunday School Lesson booklet dated June 14, 1903, Clipping - poem “Children’s Prayer”, Clipping - The New York Christian Advocate, titled “The Saloon Must Go” with Leinart name written on back-looks like John M. number
Bibles in Glass CaseWhiteHenry’s Exposition Bible, Published by: Towar & Hogan 1828 255 Market St, Philadelphia, PA. Notes inside: “Given to Bob Stokes by: Marian Grey Pennybaker 1949 April 15 Good Friday” with note pertaining to pressed flower inside cover. Brown hardcover, poor condition, Size 6 1/2” x 10 1/4” x 2 1/2”.no number
Bibles in Glass CaseWhiteHoly Bible (Mrs. John Stokes in pencil on back cover) No other info or dates, black hardcover, very bad condition. Inside: New Year note to Bessie Stokes dated Jan 1st. 1910 from Marshall Stokes. Size 9 1/2” x 6 1/2” x3”.no number
Bibles in Glass CaseWhiteHill-Billy Biography of J. Will Taylor, autographed copy By: J. E. Hansell, published by LaFollette Pressno number
Early TennesseeWhiteCounties of Tennessee (hardback) $18.50 by: Austin P. Foster, A.M. 192380
Early TennesseeWhiteEarly East Tennessee Marriages $130.00 Vol. I - Grooms by: Byron Sistler (hardback)81
Early TennesseeWhiteEarly East Tennessee Marriages $130.00 Vol. II - Brides by: Byron Sistler (hardback)82
Early TennesseeListing of Ships to Philadelphia 1727 to 1808no number
Early TennesseeWhiteFourth Survey District of Tennessee 1808 - 1810 John McClellan by: James L. Douthat 198883
Early TennesseeWhiteGodspeed's History of Tennessee Index84
Early TennesseeWhiteGuide to Tennessee Historical Markers (paperback) Third Edition 1954, by: The Tennessee Historical Commission85
Early TennesseeWhiteGuide - Tennessee History (guide to Articles & books on TN History)86
Early TennesseeWhiteHistory of Tennessee (hardback) by: G.R. McGhee,87
Early TennesseeWhiteIndex to Early Tennessee Tax Lists by: Byron Sistler 197788
Early TennesseeWhiteEarly Tennessee Tax Lists, by: Byron Sistler89
Early TennesseeWhiteMarriages from Early Tennessee Newspapers 1794 - 1851 by: Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.90
Early TennesseeWhiteObituaries and Marriage Notices From TheTennessee Baptist 1844 - 1862; by: Russell Pierce Baker91
Early TennesseeWhiteThe Overmountain Men (softcover) by: Pat Alderman 195892
Early TennesseeWhiteThe Tennessee Vol. I (paperback) The Old River: Frontier to Secession; by: Donald Davidson93
Early TennesseeWhiteTennessee Cousins; by: Worth S. Ray94
Early TennesseeWhiteTennessee Divorces 1797 - 1858 by: Gale W. Bamman & Debbie W. Spero 198595
Early TennesseeWhiteTennessee Genealogical Records & Abstracts Vol. I, 1787 - 1839 , by: Sherida K. Eddlemon96
Early TennesseeWhiteTennessee Land Grants by: Byron Sistler Vol. I97
Early TennesseeWhiteTennessee Land Grants by: Byron Sistler Vol. II98
Early TennesseeWhiteEast Tennessee’s Forgotten Children $25.00 Apprentices from 1778 - 1911 (paperback) by: Alan N. Miller II 2000 Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore, MD99
Early TennesseeWhiteTennessee Tidbits (hardback) by: Marjorie Hood Fischer Vol. I100
Early TennesseeWhiteTennessee Tidbits (hardback) by: Marjorie Hood Fischer Vol. II101
Early TennesseeWhiteTennessee Tidbits (hardback) by: Marjorie Hood Fischer Vol. III102
Early TennesseeWhiteTennessee Wills and Administration 1779 - 1861 by: Byron Sistler103
Tennessee MilitaryWhiteA New Age Now Begins104
Tennessee MilitaryWhiteA Peoples History of the American Revolution Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 by: Page Smith105
Tennessee MilitaryWhitePension List of 1820 by: Murtie June Clark106
Tennessee MilitaryWhiteTennessee Confederate Widows and Their Families by: Edna Wiefering & Charles Sherrill107
Tennessee MilitaryWhiteTennessee Soldiers in the Revolution; by: Penelope Johnson Allen108
Tennessee MilitaryWhiteTennesseans in The Civil War Part 1 (hardback) by: Civil War Centennial Commission, 1964 Nashville, TN109
Tennessee MilitaryWhiteTennesseans In The War With Mexico by: Reid Brock Sr., Thomas Brock, & Tony Hays Kitchen Table Press Vol. I110
Tennessee MilitaryWhiteTennesseans In The War With Mexico by: Reid Brock Sr., Thomas Brock, & Tony Hays Kitchen Table Press Vol. II111
Tennessee MilitaryWhiteIndex to Mexican War Pension Applications by: Barbara Schull Wolfe 1985112
Tennessee MilitaryWhiteTracing Your Civil War Ancestor; by: Bertram H. Groene113
Tennessee MilitaryWhiteTwenty-four Hundred Tennessee Pensioners Revolution War of 1812, by: Zella Armstrong 1987114
Tennessee MilitaryWhite1890 War Veterans Census TN. by: Byron Sistler115
Tennessee MilitaryWhiteMilitary Service Records Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications116
Tennessee MilitaryWhiteStability and Trim for the Ship's Officer by: John LaDage & Lee Van Gemert; D. Van Nostrand Co., Inc., Princeton, NJ117
Tennessee MilitaryWhiteRoster & History 306 Engineers117-2
Tennessee MilitaryWhiteU S Naval Institute Membership Directory 1997 Bernard C. Harris Pub. Co.118
Church RecordsWhiteA Promise of Good Things $75.00, Longfield Baptist Church (hardback) 279
Church RecordsWhiteAccompanied by: Longfield Church Records 1832- 1859 (copies of original records in book form) (softback) by: Edith Wilson Button280
Church RecordsWhite19th Century Tennessee Church Records $75.00 Vol. I (Hardback) by: Byron Sistler281
Church RecordsWhite19th Century Tennessee Church Records $75.00 Vol. II (Hardback) by: Byron Sistler282
Church RecordsWhiteBlowing Spring Church and Cemetery283
Church RecordsWhiteCave Creek Baptist Church Minutes 1838- 1863 20.00 Andersonville, Anderson Co., TN284
Church RecordsWhiteCave Creek Church Minutes, Andersonville, TN $18.00285
Church RecordsWhiteClear Branch Baptist Church $18.00 Lake City, TN 37769 (softcover) by: Linda Sue Slover Lindsay286
Church RecordsWhiteHistory of Andersonville Baptist Church & Institute $18.00 Coleman's Printing & Engraving 2418 McCalla Ave., Knoxville, TN 287
Church RecordsWhiteHolston Methodist - Vol. III $20.00 by: R.N. Price 1908 (hardback) Morristown, TN 288
Church RecordsWhiteMinutes of Davis Creek Church 1797 - 1907 $18.00 by: Lawrence Edwards 1968-289
Church RecordsWhiteOne Hundred Years- First Baptist Church $18.00 Clinton, TN (this is a booklet) by: Mary Weaver; Copies may be ordered: J.S. Holt, Clinton, TN 290
Church RecordsWhitePleasant Hill Church of Dutch Valley $25.00 Minutes 1868 -1901 Anderson Co., TN 291
Church RecordsWhitePleasant Hill Church of Dutch Valley $25.00 Minutes 1868 -1901 Anderson Co., TN 292
Church RecordsWhiteProspect Baptist Church 1826 - 1862 by: Wanda Kelley, 123 Turner Rd., Harriman, TN 37748293
Church RecordsWhitePowell's Valley Association of Primitive Baptist $10.00 Reproduction of First 64 Original Printed Minutes 1906- 1970 (paperback, price inside 6.00) by: Ireland Cooke Printing Co. (Cooke Mortuary) Maynardsville, TN 1971294
Church RecordsWhiteUnited Baptist Minutes, 1893- 1946 $33.00 Obituaries from the West Union Assoc. by: Scott Co. Historical Society 295
TVAWhiteBaker's Forge Memorial Cemetery, 6 maps Large folded map of Indian Creek Mem. Cem. & others Baker's Forge Memorial Cemetery..Plot Book, Permanent Records. Graves re-interred by TVA to New Baker's Forge Mem. Cem. Shows section map with block number and lot number for each grave),Large soft bound book.296
TVAWhiteNorris Stage C Maps296-A
TVAWhiteBaker Forge Memorial Cemetery Permanent Records296-B
TVAWhiteTVA Scrapbooks - extra copiesno number
TVAWhiteBroken binder of Norris Maps - no name or numberno number
TVAWhiteFamilies of Norris Reservoir Area by: Marshall A. Wilson 1949297
TVAWhiteBaker Forge Memorial Records - G. L. Ridenhourno number
TVAWhiteIndian Creek Memorial Cemetery # R-34 Record of Interred - 18 Pages, showing lot and, grave number, with name of individual. A. A large map of Indian Creek Mem. Cemetery.298
TVAWhiteNorris Reservoir Grave Removals Vol. II N -Z by: Edith Wilson Hutton299
TVAWhiteT.V.A. Cemetery Index Map - Norris Reservoir (Large folded Cem. map shows location of all cemeteries) T.V.A. (Cemetery Plotted pre-Norris Dam) (All on one large folded sheet)300
TVAWhite3 Baker's Cemetery300-A
TVAWhite128 Rutherford Cemetery300-A
TVAWhite48 Longmire Cemetery #1300-A
TVAWhite233 Taylor Cemetery300-A
TVAWhite107 Jones Cemetery300-A
TVAWhite254 Sharp Cemetery300-A
TVAWhite286 Reedy Cemetery300-A
TVAWhite117 Harless Cemetery300-A
TVAWhite108 Nelson & Camel Cemetery300-A
TVAWhite315 Pile Cemetery300-A
TVAWhite314 Boyd Cemetery300-A
TVAWhite276 Savage Cemetery300-A
TVAWhite47 Lindsay Mill Cemetery300-A
TVAWhite11 Christian Cemetery300-A
TVAWhite35 Keck Cemetery300-A
TVAWhite97 Sullivan Cemetery300-A
TVAWhiteSinking Springs M.E Church Cemetery, (Large folded sheet) 300-B
TVAWhite21 Hatmaker Cemetery (all on 1 large folded sheet)300-C
TVAWhite72 York-Fox Cemetery300-C
TVAWhite95 Murray Cemetery300-C
TVAWhite52 W.S.LoyCemetery300-C
TVAWhiteWatts Bar Reservoir Cemeteries by: James L. Douthat 1986, Signal Mt., TN Watts Bar Lake Area- Roane, Meigs, Rhea Counties301
MiscellaneousWhiteAndrew Jackson's Hermitage 1933 (hardback) $20.00 by: Mary French Caldwell, Ladies Hermitage Assoc. Kingsport Press Inc., Kingsport, TN379
MiscellaneousWhiteChronicle of the Year 1987 $25.00 (128 page Hardback-Newspaper articles etc.) Chronicle Publications, Mt. Kisco, NY380
MiscellaneousWhiteColonial Heroines of Tennessee, Kentucky & Virginia $20.00 by: David J. Harkness, University of Tennessee (18 page paperback booklet) Oct. 1974381
MiscellaneousWhiteEnticement (Hardback Novel - Old) 1924 $54.50 by: Clive Arden; The Bobbs-Merrill Co. Pub., Indianapolis, IN 382
MiscellaneousWhiteGeneral Armory Two $21.50 by: Cecil R. Humphery-Smith 1973 Genealogical Pub. Co., Baltimore, MD (Names with Coat of Arms info- Hardback)383
MiscellaneousWhiteJim Clayton- First A Dream $20.00 (Biography - 399 pages, Hardback-Clayton Homes) by: James L. Clayton with Bill Retherford 2002 FSB Press, Knoxville, TN384
MiscellaneousWhiteKnoxville Remembered 1994 Historical Calendar by: Knox Co. Public Library System & McClung Historical Collection385
MiscellaneousWhiteKnoxville Remembered 1997 Historical Calendar by: Knox Co. Public Library System & McClung Historical Collection386
MiscellaneousWhiteMelungeons - Yesterday and Today 1975 (Hardback) $34.00 by: Jean Patterson Bible East Tennessee Printing Co., Rogersville, TN387
MiscellaneousWhiteMigration, Emigration, Immigration $15.00 by: Olga K. Miller 1974 (Softback)388
MiscellaneousWhiteNabob and Me 1994 $10.00 Stories from the Foothills of Appalachia- Paperback by: C. E. Stokes; Vaughn Printing, Inc. Nashville, TN 389
MiscellaneousWhiteNotable Southern Families, Vol. 1 (out of print) $50.00 by: Zella Armstrong 1918 (Hardback) (no other data)390
MiscellaneousWhitePersonalities of the South 10th Edition $7.00 American Biographical Inst. 205 W. Martin St. Raleigh, NC 27602 (Hardback-used bookstore price on cover)391
MiscellaneousWhiteTennessee Blue Book 1997 – 1998 (out of print) Riley C. Darnell-Sect. of State, Nashville, TN (Hardback) (useful info on TN State Government, past & present)392
MiscellaneousWhiteTennessee “The Most Interesting State” $10.00 by: David J. Harkness, University of Tennessee (13 page paperback booklet) June 1968393
MiscellaneousWhiteThe Depot Talks by: Bonnie Page394
MiscellaneousWhiteThe Lumbee Problem: 1980 (Paperback) $30.00 The Making of an American Indian People by: Karen I. Blu; New York University-Cambridge Univ. Press, New York, NY395
MiscellaneousWhiteThe Tragedy of German – America $21.95 by: John A. Hawgood 1940 G.P. Putnam’s Sons- Publisher396
MiscellaneousWhiteKnoxville City Directory 1980397
MiscellaneousWhiteKnoxville Directory 1903398
MiscellaneousWhiteThe Geneaological Helper March/April 1988398-2
MiscellaneousWhiteThe Geneaological Helper Sep/Oct 1989398-3
MiscellaneousWhiteFamily Links, Registered Users Instruction Booklet $12.00 for GedCom Files (Softback 23 page booklet)398-4
MiscellaneousWhiteFamily Tree Maker $30.00 (User’s Tutorial and Reference Manual, Softback) Banner Blue Software, Inc., Fremont CA398-5
MiscellaneousWhiteGenealogy and Local History398-6
MiscellaneousWhiteGenealogical Records Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky398-7
MiscellaneousWhiteHeritage Book News May 1993no number
MiscellaneousWhiteHeritage Book News May 1997no number
MiscellaneousWhiteHeritage Book News Aug 1998no number
QuarterliesWhiteTN Ancestor's 1985-1995; 37 Issues (top shelf, left wall)Box I
QuarterliesWhiteThe Pellissippians 1980-1984; 4 Issues;Box II
QuarterliesWhiteThe Pellissippian, 1985-1991-2; 23 Issues; Box III
QuarterliesWhiteThe Pellissippian, 1991-3-1995-3; 23 Issues;Box IV
QuarterliesWhiteThe Pellissippian, 1996-1998; 10 Issues; Box V
QuarterliesWhite: Box VBox V
QuarterliesWhiteBlount Co. Journal County Quarterlies 1 issueBox V
QuarterliesWhiteRoane Co. Ramblings County Quarterlies 5 issues 1997 -Box V
QuarterliesWhiteClaiborne Co. Reflections 5 Issues 1989 - 1992Box V
QuarterliesWhiteUnion Co. Pathways 3 issues 1989 - 2003Box V
QuarterliesWhiteStokes Family Quarterlies 9 issuesBox VI
QuarterliesWhiteNational Genealogy Society Publications 9 issues Vol. 79 - Vol. 82 June 1991 - Dec 1994Box VI
QuarterliesWhiteEast TN Historical Society Publications; 9 Issues; Vol. 49 - 61; 1977 - 1989Box VII