VHS/DVD Library

The Campbell County Historical Society has a library of VHS and DVD that are available for borrowing. Please stop by the Museum if you’re interested in viewing any of them.



Act of Vengeance – about Tony Boyle
Adrion Baird
Black Hole of the South – Coal Mining in Appalachia
Campbell County – A Proud Heritage and a Progressive Future 11/1/1952
Campbell County – A Proud Heritage and a Progressive Future 11/1/1952
Captain Marvin 1/29/1997
CCHS 1996 Homes Tour
CCHS 1996 Homes Tour
CCHS Interview – Aline Ridenour
CCHS Interview – Carl Higdon 6/10/1996
CCHS Interview – Clyde McNeil 7/1/1996
CCHS Interview – Edith Murrah
CCHS Interview – Jim McCloud and Tod Overbay on McCloud Mountain 7/1/1988
CCHS Interview – Mattie Babb 6/6/1996
CCHS Interview – Mrs. Alice Coker 6/14/1996
CCHS Interview – Sonny Carr 7/1/1996
CCHS Meeting – Dr. Lee Seargeant 10/3/1996
CCHS Meeting – John Campbell 5/1/1997
CCHS Meeting – Judge Conrad Troutman 7/14/2004
CCHS Meeting – Mildred Lane Presentation
CCHS Meeting at Cove Lake 5/15/1997
Civil War Reenactment – CCHS Meeting 9/15/1996
Dr. Dreamer – The Life of Jesse Lee Walker 7/18/1996
Fred Hatmaker – Master Story Teller by Adrion Baird 7/18/2002
Jess Longmire Roast 10/1/1996
Jess Longmire Roast 10/1/1996
John Van Huss 1955 Famous Coal Mine Trial 3/21/2002
LaFollette Hospital – Doctors Wood and Seargeant 1/1/2000
Linda Thurston bu Adrion Baird 7/1/1996
Mary Day – Jellico Memories 9/18/1996
Profile of Campbell County
Shannon Wedding 6/28/1996
Sweet Old Song
Sweet Old Song
The Gibbs Family – Five Generations on the Homestead
The Heartland Series – Howard Armstrong Returns
The Valley of the Tennessee
Voices for Union – Jackson, Polk, Johnson
Wild River – movie about Mattie Randolph