Family Name Files – S to T

Campbell Country Historical Society maintains files of any research done on family names. The linked pages contain lists of the names only — there is no information available online. If the name you are interested in isn’t listed, please call to check with the society since files and information are being added all the time.

Some name files have a single item while others have a large amount of information. Please call the society to find out what information is contained in the name file you are researching. Pertinent information can be copied and mailed for a fee.

The phone number is (423) 566-3581.

Sanders Sartin Sauceman Scalfs
Scarborough Schooler Scott Seargeant
Seiver/Seivers Sellers Settle/Suttle Sexton
Sharp Shatter/Shetter Shedd Shefferly
Shelby Shelton Shepherd Shippen
Shoemake Shoemaker Shoffner Shouse
Shown Shultz Shumate Silcox
Siler Simmons Slaven Sloan
Slover Smiddy Smith Snapp
Snodderly Snow Soule Southland
Sowder Spangler Sparks Spitzer
Spurlock St John Stamper Stanfield
Stanfill Stanford Stanley Stanton
Stephens Stepp Stevens Stiner
Stinson Stokes Stone Stonecipher
Stooksbury Storm Stout Strader
Stratton Summers Summitt Sutton
Sweat Sweet


Tackett Tashman Taylor Teague
Terry Thacker Thomas Thompson
Thornton Tidings Tidwell Tiller
Torry Trammell Troutman Trowbridge
Tucker Turner Tye Tyre/Tyra