Family Name Files – C to D

Campbell Country Historical Society maintains files of any research done on family names. The linked pages contain lists of the names only — there is no information available online. If the name you are interested in isn’t listed, please call to check with the society since files and information are being added all the time.

Some name files have a single item while others have a large amount of information. Please call the society to find out what information is contained in the name file you are researching. Pertinent information can be copied and mailed for a fee.

The phone number is (423) 566-3581.

Cabbage Caddell Cain Caldwell
Cameron Campbell Canada/Canady Candler
Cannon Canton Card Carden
Carey Carman Carmany Carmical
Carney Carr Carringer Carroll
Carry Carter Casey Casteel
Cates Cawood Cecil Center
Chadwell Chambers Chamblee Chaniott
Chapman Chastain Chasteen Chavis
Cheek Chesney Child Childress
Chitwood Chrisman Christian Claiborn/Cliborn
Claiborne Clark Clarkson Claxton
Clear Clepper Clotfelter Clouse
Clower Coffey Coker Coldison
Cole Coley Collier Collins
Colvard Comer Comparoni Conley
Connaly Cook Cooper Copley
Cordell Corey Cornelius Cotner
Couch Cox Coyt Crabtree
Craig Craven Crawford Crawley
Creekmore Crockett Croley Cromwell
Cross Crosswhite Crouch Crowley
Crumley Crutchfield Cummins Cunningham
Cupp Cureton Curnutt Cyrus


Dabney Dagley Dalton Daniels
Daugherty Davenport David Davidson
Davis Davy Day Deason
Delap Delk Demarcus Dennis
Denny Dial Dickerson Dickson
Dilbeck Dill Dillon Dippold
Disney Dison/Dyson Dixon Doak
Doan Dobbs Donnelly Dople
Dossett Dotson Douglas Dow
Dowell Dower Draper Dulling
Duncan Dunn Dusini Dykes