Family Name Files – A to B

Campbell Country Historical Society maintains files of any research done on family names. The linked pages contain lists of the names only — there is no information available online. If the name you are interested in isn’t listed, please call to check with the society since files and information are being added all the time.

Some name files have a single item while others have a large amount of information. Please call the society to find out what information is contained in the name file you are researching. Pertinent information can be copied and mailed for a fee.

The phone number is (423) 566-3581.

Abbott Adams Adkins Agee
Aiken Albertini Albright Alder
Allen Allen (Black) Allen, Seargeant John Alley
Allison Allred Alves Anderson
Angel Archer Armstrong Asbury
Ashe Atkin Ausmus Auxier


Babb Bacon Baga Bailey
Baird Baker Baker, Howard Baldwin
Bales (Beals) Ball Ballard Balloff
Barkner Barley Barnes Barnett
Barron Bartley Bates Baxter
Bays Beams Beaty Beckwith
Beech Beever Begliutti Belcher
Bell Benge Bennett Bensey
Berry Bibbee Bills Bissell
Black Blackburn Blackwell Blair
Blankenblicker Blankenship Blanton Blevins
Blount Boatwright Bogan Boggs
Boles Bolinger Bolton Booth
Boruff Boshears Bostic Bowlin
Bowling Bowman Boyd Braden
Bradley Bradshaw Branam Branch
Brandenburg Branham Brantley Bratcher
Bray Bridges Brightwell Brisbin
Brock Brookman Brooks Broughton
Brown Browning Broyles Bruce
Brumley Brummett Bryant Buckner
Buford Bullock Bunch Burchett
Burke Burkett Burnett Burns
Burrell Burress Burton Butcher
Butler Buttram Byrd Byrge